Broken uids: Director lmtp proxy able to change the destination address?

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Broken uids: Director lmtp proxy able to change the destination address?

Dovecot mailing list

Director -> Backends -> NFS setup.

Broken dovecot-uidlists because of our postfix LMTP delivery using a different address than the IMAP client lookups

 Error: Mailbox INBOX: Broken file dovecot-uidlist line 169: Invalid data:

LMTP delivery: lmtp(info#[hidden email])
IMAP lookup: [hidden email]

doveadm director status info#[hidden email]
Current: (expires 2019-11-01 08:52:42)
Initial config:

doveadm director status [hidden email]
Current: (expires 2019-11-01 13:47:27)
Initial config:

On the backends these would write to the same NFS maildir:

Now Director would assign these addresses to different backend servers and thus result in the expected corrupted control files. 

at this time i'm unable to reconfigure the Postfix LMTP delivery in a way that these use the same lookup format.


1. Disable LMTP updating dovecot-uidlist and indexes.
Perhaps using Maildir:CONTROL=/dev/null :INDEX=MEMORY for lmtp-sql.conf?

2. Since i'm using director/proxy is it possible to rewrite the address using SQL in the passdb query?

3. What would be the best settings to avoid corruption in this broken setup.

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