Carbon_name path hardcoded

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Carbon_name path hardcoded

Giordano Fechio (Giu)

I am setting up the imap_stats for dovecot and stumb up on a problem with carbon_name setup.

const char *prefix = t_strdup_printf("”,

But I need to setup the path myself so my index cam be compliant to the index I already have.

Wonder if changing it to something like the following so other users have a way to configure their own path or use the default in case they don’t want to worry about that.

                string_t *str = t_str_new(256);
-               const char *prefix = t_strdup_printf("",
+        if ( strstr(carbon_name , "." != NULL) {
+                       const char *prefix = t_strdup_printf("",
+        } else {
+                       const char *prefix = t_strdup_printf("",
+                                                    stats_settings->carbon_name);
+        }

If that is not the goal or if I am not using it right , let me know.

G Fechio