Dbox and NVMe drives

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Dbox and NVMe drives

Hi all,

We're looking at replacing our existing NFS setup and using local storage
on multiple nodes - using Director to send clients to the correct node.

We have about 10,000 mailboxes using about 6TB at the moment, a mix of IMAP
and POP, probably 65% IMAP.

I'm thinking of moving from Maildir to Dbox; using 2TB NVMe drives in RAID1
as primary storage and 4x 6TB SATA disks in RAID10 for altstorage and
probably smaller SATA SSDs in RAID1 for the indexes.

I guess my question is, have other people had bad experiences with flash
based storage on medium sized mail servers and does splitting the storage
like these seem sensible for Dbox in terms of maximizing performance?