FTS solr or xapian and Public Folders

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FTS solr or xapian and Public Folders

David Williams
Hi all

I hope someone can help with this.

I'm looking at setting up FTS on a Dovecot server which has some quite
big pubic folders (100,000+ emails each) and would appreciate some info
about how fts both Xapian and Solr works with public folders.

As background of the folders can receive emails and I use a dummy user
and an alias file to deliver them for example

testfolder:    dummy+Public/[hidden email]

delivers email addressed to [hidden email] to MYTESTFOLDER in
the namespace Public.

Has anyone successfully setup FTS with public folders using either
Xapian or Solr and what happens when one user changes a folder, does
that change show up for other users?


When an email is delivered by dummy and indexed will that email be
indexed for other users as well?

Similarly what happens that when an email is moved between, deleted from
or copied to public folders by one user will that change then show up
for the other users or not?

I guess the basic question is: Are public folders indexed once and then
the indexes are made available to each user with access or are they
indexed for each user?

Any info or experience that anyone has will be appreciated.

Many thanks