Howto pin user in proxy/director <-> backend server setup

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Howto pin user in proxy/director <-> backend server setup

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I have
1x proxy/director server
2x backend mail server

The backend servers are using a ldap database and do not have the option
to put a proxy=y value. So I put this as a default in the passdb option
in the proxy/director config. When I do telnet localhost 110 on the
proxy/director, I can authenticate with a test account on svr1.local

1. Will automatically all users be directed to the first server
configured in director_mail_servers = svr1.local svr2.local, when the do
not have a proxy=y or host=?

If this is the case maybe, we should write this somewhere on

2. If I change the host= in the ldap server, I think the proxy/director
has archived the previous host and still redirects to the old value. Is
there a way around this? (stopping/starting dovecot -F resolves this)

3. Do I need the director even in this setup?