Panic at "doveadm backup" (mailbox_symlink_exists): assertion failed: (ret > 0)

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Panic at "doveadm backup" (mailbox_symlink_exists): assertion failed: (ret > 0)

Dovecot mailing list

I try to sync from a dovecot server to another server via the following command.

doveadm -D -o mail_fsync=never -o imapc_user=[hidden email] -o
imapc_password='PASS' backup -R -u [hidden email] imapc:

After some short runtime I get the following panic.

dsync([hidden email]): Panic: file mailbox-alias-plugin.c: line 77
(mailbox_symlink_exists): assertion failed: (ret > 0)

dsync([hidden email]): Error: Raw backtrace:
/usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7ff2f4da77ce] ->
/usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7ff2f4da783a]
-> /usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7ff2f4d36dd7] ->
/usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7ff2f3afa33e] ->
/usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7ff2f3afa4d4] ->
/usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7ff2f432a2aa] ->
/usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7ff2f432a908] ->
[0x7ff2f50ec5e4] -> doveadm(dsync_mailbox_tree_fill+0x19b) [0x558004586e5b] ->
doveadm(dsync_brain_mailbox_trees_init+0x124) [0x55800457b204] ->
doveadm(dsync_brain_run+0x3d7) [0x558004578317] -> doveadm(+0x29b71)
[0x55800455eb71] -> doveadm(+0x2bd2c) [0x558004560d2c] -> doveadm(+0x2c92a)
[0x55800456192a] -> doveadm(doveadm_mail_try_run+0x215) [0x558004562285] ->
doveadm(main+0x46a) [0x5580045513fa] -> /lib64/
[0x7ff2f495a505] -> doveadm(+0x1c565) [0x558004551565]

There is this message in the archive wich mention that similar directory names
could be a problem.

I have cleanuped the similar directories but I still get the panic.

This are the main folders in the Account
... some custom folders
=Sent Messages

Dovecot version
# (baf9232c1): /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf
# Pigeonhole version (aaba65b7)
# OS: Linux 3.10.0-1062.1.2.el7.x86_64 x86_64 CentOS Linux release 7.7.1908 (Core)

Thanks for any help