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Re: Public Namespace + ACLs + virtual users

Andrew Roberts-5
On Wed, 23 Apr 2008, Fintec wrote:

> So I had a go at configuring ACLs. I configured global ACLs, because as
> far as I can tell, per directory ACLs seem to be ignored.

If global ACLs are working for you, you must have an "acl" line in your
conf file's plugin section, probably somethine like:

plugin {
   acl = vfile:/some/directory

Try changing the acl line to "acl = vfile", without the colon or anything
after it, and see if per-directory ACL's don't start working.

This is only a guess that seem likely to me based on my experience.  If
this doesn't do the trick, you can elimnate a lot of guessing by sending
the output of dovecot -n.