Rootless wiki page is not up to date?

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Rootless wiki page is not up to date?

Dovecot mailing list

If I run a docker image with the mesos containerizer and altering the
dovecot config mentioned here[1]

I think the root detection is incorrect because it looks like dovecot is
still thinking it is root. I still get errors like:

>> log(829825): Fatal: We couldn't drop root group privileges
(wanted=10053(dovecot), gid=0(root), egid=0(root))

Why does it want to drop to root, if we are not even running as root?

>> Error: service(ipc): chown(/var/dovecot/login/ipc-proxy, 91,
4294967295) failed: Operation not permitted

Why does it want to chown, when it is not root?

pop3-login: Fatal: setgid(101(dovenull)) failed with
euid=10053(dovecot), gid=10053(dovecot), egid=10053(dovecot): Operation
not permitted (This binary should probably be called with process group
set to 101(dovenull) instead of 10053(dovecot))