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[Solved] Re: Quota not showing correctly after conversion (mb2md.pl)

k bah
On Fri, 2008-04-25 at 09:56 +0800, k bah wrote:

>>   I have a problem, when a user has mails that exceed the limit in mb's
>> (I set just size limit, no messages limit), neither
>> "getquotaroot" (via telnet to port 143), neither webmail software
>> (horde) show the quota usage correctly (I'm not talking about new
>> mail, talking about those messages copied, when they exceed the size
>> limit). Just after trying to delete messages it is shown (gives me an
>> error message, quota exceeded, since Trash is not excluded from quota
>> limits, for now, I'll exclude it later). This server has some issues:
>> many old users have lots of mails, in thousands (1000-15000). Some
>> have 50mb to 150mb of mails. The migration is part of the cleanup
>> process.

> That's quite a confusing paragraph. Do you just mean that "quota is
> counted wrong for the old converted messages"?

 If the user received new mail on the new system, say, around 200kb, and then he/she logs in, messages from the old system are copied. If he had 100Mb of mails (old system), and quota is 20Mb, only the 200kb are shown. Dovecot was not restarted. The problem was what you pointed out, maildirsize had to be deleted, then everything seems to be ok - getquotaroot indicates 100Mb + 200kb.

> How badly wrong is the quota? Show me some example values of what they
> are and what they're supposed to be? How do you calculate what the quota
> is supposed to be?

 User has +100Mb, quota 20Mb, quota indicates 0 or just the new mail count (messages received on the new system). As you said, just delete maildirsize.

>>   Is it possible that the migration order (creating dirs in that way)
>> is causing the quota usage to be shown wrong?

> If all this is before the imap process is started, I don't see any
> problems.

>>   Is it possible that the amount of messages and the size can be the
>> cause?

> No.

>>  How can I manually tell dovecot to recalculate the quota, after
>> copying messages (when a user logs in, and didn't receive new mails on
>> the new mail system, but had messages big enough to exceed the quota
>> limit) from the old system?

> Deleting maildirsize file recalculates the quota.

 That was the problem!

>> Should I run any commands to rebuild indexes or any operation to keep
>> information integrity about the mails/mailboxes to dovecot, after
>> copying the converted messages?

> No.



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