Thunderbird, server side filtering (sieve) and new email not in "inbox"

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Thunderbird, server side filtering (sieve) and new email not in "inbox"

Jesus Cea
Migrating my extensive thunderbird filtering rules to sieve has the
unfortunate effect that thunderbird doesn't realize that there is new
email in other mailboxes beside "inbox".

According to ancient documentation,
I could configure Thunderbird to check each mailbox periodically, but I
have >500 mailboxes and I rather prefer the server to notify the client
when new email is avaliable somewhere.

Reading between lines in that document, looks like Thunderbird would
support STATUS updates while in "IDLE". Is that the case?.

Do you know how could I configure dovecot to provide that kind of
information to thunderbird?. Maybe some extension?

I am aware of "notify", but thunderbird is not "notify" compatible.

I can write an IMAP4 proxy to "inject" replies to thunderbird
side-fetched via "notify", but I need to know what thunderbird expect.
Do you have any idea?.

Thanks for your time and expertise.

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