migrating from maildir to mdbox, preserving pop3 UIDL

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migrating from maildir to mdbox, preserving pop3 UIDL

Jan-Pieter Cornet

I'm trying to migrate from maildir to mdbox while preserving the pop3 UIDL (and the imap UID).

The problem is, for maildir we use (for compatiblity with qpopper):

  pop3_uidl_format = %f

Problem is, as soon as I convert that to mdbox, then whenever a client issues the UIDL command via a POP connection, the connection is closed and this error is displayed in the log:

Error: UIDL: File name not found (pop3_uidl_format=%f not supported by storage?)

As a workaround, I enabled "pop3_reuse_xuidl = yes", and before conversion I put an X-UIDL: header in the mails. However, since the UIDL is the filename and the filename also contains S=<size>,W=<sizeOnWire>, I need to change the header in such a way that the size and number of lines stay the same. That's... tedious and error-prone.

Is there an easier solution, eg teaching 'doveadm sync' to preserve pop3 UIDL somehow?

For the record, I currently convert maildir to mdbox using:

doveadm -D backup -u user@domain 'doveadm -o mail=mdbox:/path/to/storage:INDEX=/path/to/fast/storage -o plugin/zlib_save=gz -o mail_uid=$UID -o mail_gid=$GID dsync-server'

Thanks for any help!

Jan-Pieter Cornet <[hidden email]>
Systeembeheer XS4ALL Internet bv

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