v1.1.rc5 released

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v1.1.rc5 released

Timo Sirainen

I've finally gone through all my unread mails and fixed most of the
reported bugs. There are only a couple ones left that I can't reproduce.
Please report if you still have any problems with rc5, even if you
already have reported the same bug before.

v1.1.rc6 will hopefully be the last RC before v1.1.0.

        + Support cross-realm Kerberos 5 authentication. Based on patch by
          Zachary Kotlarek.
        + Added dict_db_config setting to point to a Berkeley DB config file.
        + If mail_chroot ends with "/.", remove chroot prefix from home
        - Fixed several bugs and memory leaks in ACL plugin. LIST and LSUB
          may have listed mailboxes where user had no 'l' access. STORE could
          have been used to update any flags without appropriate access.
        - mbox: Valid-looking From_-lines in message bodies caused the message
          to be split to two messages (broken since v1.0).
        - Plugin initialization hooks were called in wrong order, possibly
          causing problems when multiple plugins were used at the same time.
        - Expire plugin was broken
        - LIST-EXTENDED options were ignored.
        - LDAP: Static attribute names weren't working correctly
        - deliver: mail_uid and mail_gid settings weren't used.
        - pop3 + maildir++ quota: maildirsize file wasn't created if it
          didn't exist already.
        - dnotify: Waiting for dotlock to be deleted used 100% CPU

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Re: v1.1.rc5 released (managesieve updated)

Stephan Bosch-2