zlib plugin aborts without zlib_save

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zlib plugin aborts without zlib_save

Adam Weinberger
This is in follow-up to  

I had mail_plugins = "zlib", but zlib_save wasn't set (my mailboxes were  
not compressed).

It seems that when the zlib plugin is enabled, but zlib_save isn't set, the  
zlib plugin aborts on a regular basis---on a single-user system, I was  
seeing it about 150 times a day.

Panic: file ostream-zlib.c: line 36 (o_stream_zlib_close): assertion  
failed: (zstream->ostream.finished || zstream->ostream.ostream.stream_errno  
!= 0)
Fatal: master: service(imap): child 80128 killed with signal 6 (core not  
dumped - set service imap { drop_priv_before_exec=yes })

Removing the (unused) zlib plugin made the errors disappear, at least.

# Adam

Adam Weinberger
[hidden email]